Event Details

Water Lantern Event
1100 Bear Creek Parkway
Keller Town Hall
Keller, TX
July 3, 2021

Light Up Your Heart! The Fun! The Night! In...


Event Schedule

Keller Farmers Market Vendors | 3pm to 10pm

Lantern Pick-up Begins | 4:00pm

Enjoy Food Trucks / Music / Fun | 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Design your Lantern

Lantern Launch Starts at | 7:30pm – 9:30pm

City of Keller Fireworks | 9:30pm

Event Ends | 10:00pm

Light up your Heart!

Imagine the glow of thousands of reflections floating into the night as each water lantern represents a unique heart-felt sentiment from family, friends and new acquaintances all celebrating life together. Keller Lights presents an opportunity for all of us to join together and share an emotional memory/story from our hearts.

Light up the Fun!

Enjoy local music, great food, laughter and smiles while sharing the experience with others at the Keller Lights Water Lantern event. Be inspired by the joyful experience in having fun and visualize the relaxing glow of thousands of lanterns on the water while connecting with others around you.

Light up the Night!

A time to come together… a time to heal… a time to love and reflect on your thoughts & dreams. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance around you as reflections across the water light up the night!

What about COVID-19?

This is an outdoor event planned for July. If need be we will put COVID-19 mandates in place and make necessary adjustments.

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